New-Built Residential - Architorium

Bespoke design emphasising
sellable features, maximising
efficiency, ensuring profit


Customised to Match your Dreams

At Architorium, we are experienced in all aspects of residential design, and pay particular attention to the "sellable" features", floor areas, and layouts, which maximise the efficiency of a layout. This ensures a profitable development return for our commercial clients. In terms of clients wishing to have a "Grand” individual type home where spatial design and architectural features are important, we provide bespoke design services.

We work closely with you consider your aspirations, needs, and budget to deliver your dream home that sits well on your intended site! Architorium has always been committed to protecting the environment, which is why we work closely with sustainable energy consultants in development design to reduce the carbon footprints of new buildings by making use of renewable energy and efficient construction design.

Whether you’re looking for single dwelling or multiple housing, we can guarantee to meet your needs either by design, construction working drawings on a Design Build project or handing over a complete dream project to you without a hassle. Moreover, we carry out initial site feasibility studies to ascertain the viability of a site before purchasing. We then give you the reassurance you need to invest in your scheme and to proceed with confidence.