Key Facts - Architorium

98% Planning approval
success rate with over 600
successful projects


Architorium Painted by Numbers

Architorium is a fast-growing architectural & development practice with a reputation for challenging convention and pursuing design excellence. It was founded in London by Irfan Malik in 2010. Architorium has worked on more than 600 projects nationwide, covering a wide range of sectors from small conversion to high-end residential & commercial projects. After years of practice, our projects have been consistently both evolutionary and revolutionary, building on tradition as well as creating prototypes for the future.

Our achievements through this approach are reflected in:

  • A recorded 98% success rate in securing planning approval
  • Over 600 all-round successful projects
  • Over 300 successful residential projects
  • Over 200 successful commercial projects
  • Longstanding and continual relationships with over 400 satisfied clients

Architorium isn’t just a name. It stands as a symbol of our key virtues: INTEGRITY and CREDIBILITY. We have a guaranteed high success rate as well as a highly-satisfied roster of previous clientele. So you can trust Architorium to prioritise your project!